Inspiring insights with artistic visionaries. Sharpen your creative mind. Polish your unique craft. Live your artistic vision.

The Modern Recordist is the podcast where we talk all about designing and living your life as an extraordinary artistic visionary. Each week, host Jon Stinson hangs out with musicians, songwriters, artists, and producers, for inspiring conversations that will make you a better music maker.

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"Wow, I learned so much! Great show! Easy listening. The artists that are interviewed have really given me great insights and tips to use in my studio. I love seeing new episodes pop up on my phone! Keep up the good work!"

-Joseph PK
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Jon Stinson is a producer, songwriter, recording artist, and audio engineer based out of Nashville, TN. Since beginning his career, he has worked on albums such as "Only By The Night" by Kings Of Leon, "The Fall" by Norah Jones, and the self-titled album by Augustana.

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