EP: 061 – Learning experiences in the studio, sharpening your craft via recording, and tactics to reach creative flow with Sean Sunderland

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On this episode, Jon hangs out with another artist, songwriter, and musician that he’s worked with a few times over recent years – Sean Sunderland.

Sean plays drums in the band Zasz, writes music under his own name (Sean Sunderland), and even has a more experimental project called Chatter that serves as yet another creative outlet for him.

On this episode, Jon and Sean discuss many facets of life as a music-maker such as, the recording studio as a catalyst for learning, the importance of having alone time and slowing things down to achieve honesty in your music, the un-obvious challenges that can come up when working at a “big” studio, breaking through creative blocks, and tactics for getting into a creative flow, among TONS of other things.

This is a bit of a longer episode, as it’s packed DENSE with a lot of thought-provoking insights.

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Links from this episode

To listen to Sean’s new album Douceur De Vivre, hit these links…



Sean Sunderland’s Bandcamp page

To listen to Sean’s “Chatter” project, hit these links…

Chatter on Soundcloud

Chatter on Spotify

Chatter on iTunes


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About the author, Jon

Jon Stinson is the host of The Modern Recordist Podcast. A native of Nashville, TN (a rare thing these days), he has been working as a producer and audio engineer since 2004. Some of his album credits include work on the album "Only By The Night" by Kings Of Leon, and the album "The Fall," by Norah Jones.

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