EP: 064 – Working out your creative muscle, cryptocurrency in music creation, and defending his right to run a home studio with Lij Shaw

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Episode 064 Show Notes

On this episode of the podcast, Jon hangs out with producer, musician, Grammy Award winning engineer, owner of The Toy Box Recording Studio in Nashville, TN, and host of the Recording Studio Rockstars podcast, Lij Shaw.

When Jon heard Lij’s podcast episode about receiving a “Cease and Desist” letter from the Nashville local government for running a home recording studio business, it compelled him to invite Lij to be a guest on The Modern Recordist to share his story.

Lij has been working to keep his home studio recording business from being permanently shut down, amidst confusion and uncertainty around what originally provoked this legal action. After looking into possible complaints that are common with running a business out of your home, working to resolve them, and making efforts to rezone his property for commercial use – all with no success – it seemed Lij’s only option was to publicly file a law suit against the city of Nashville.

On this episode, Jon an Lij discuss what possibly led to this situation, all the ways Lij has made efforts to resolve the conflict, and the problematic nature of the legal proceedings as result of the complaint being anonymous.

Additionally, Jon and Lij also discuss tactics for strengthening your creative songwriting muscle, such as writing a song a day, as well as cryptocurrency and it’s potential future role in bankrolling your music-making pursuits. Specifically, a platform Lij mentioned called Musicoin

If you’re a music-maker, being able to run a recording studio or other business out of your home is an important issue, as it’s such a real and fundamental aspect of creating music in today’s world. Chances are, if you’re listening to this podcast, you either have your own recording space in your home, or you know someone who does.

So it’s important to stay informed on not only what the laws in your area allow for, but also what may need to be reformed, in order to continue to empower people to make a living, as future innovation drives commerce to evolve, marketplaces to shift, and consumer behaviors change.

To find out more about Lij, and keep up on the latest with his story, how this could potentially effect you, and how you can participate, hit these links:

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Recording Studio Rockstars podcast episode: “Music City Declares War On Home Studios?”


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About the author, Jon

Jon Stinson is the host of The Modern Recordist Podcast. A native of Nashville, TN (a rare thing these days), he has been working as a producer and audio engineer since 2004. Some of his album credits include work on the album "Only By The Night" by Kings Of Leon, and the album "The Fall," by Norah Jones.

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