EP: 065 – The top 3 most popular episodes of The Modern Recordist for 2017

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TMR-EP065_FeatureIMGOn this final episode of The Modern Recordist for 2017, we highlight the top 3 most popular episodes for the year:

1) EP: 054 with Larry Crane
This was the first episode we put out after more than a year off from producing new episodes of the podcast. Larry Crane is a producer, engineer, and educator. He also owns Jackpot! Recording Studio in Portland, OR, and is the founder of Tape Op Magazine. Larry has a fun and one-of-a-kind philosophy on recording and making records.

To catch the episode in full, and as it was originally published, click or tap over to http://modernrecordist.com/054

2) EP: 055 with Suzanne Paulinski
Jon crossed paths with Suz in Nashville, during the CD Baby DIY Musicians Conference that took place in the late summer. Suz gave a presentation on how to mitigate burnout as a working musician, and one of her core focuses is to urge people to rethink the celebratory culture of being constantly overworked.

As Jon as had personal experiences with burnout in his career, he felt strongly about inviting Suz to be a guest on The Modern Recordist to talk more about her work and what she does

To catch the episode in full as it was originally published, click or tap your way over to http://modernrecordist.com/055

3) EP: 059 with Chris Silverio
Another guest that Jon crossed paths with around the CD Baby DIY Musician’s Conference. On this episode, Jon and Chris had fun connecting over shared stories, and the life and experiences of making records in the studio.

Chris has a fun and articulate ability for telling stories, and this conversation lent to many music-making and creative insights

To catch this episode in full as it was origanlly publisihed, click or tap yourself over to http://modernrecordist.com/059

And this concludes our 2017 relaunch of The Modern Recordist podcast! Thanks for sticking with us all this time, for listening, encouraging, sharing, and giving us a reason to produce this show.

Here’s to more in 2018

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About the author, Jon

Jon Stinson is the host of The Modern Recordist Podcast. A native of Nashville, TN (a rare thing these days), he has been working as a producer and audio engineer since 2004. Some of his album credits include work on the album "Only By The Night" by Kings Of Leon, and the album "The Fall," by Norah Jones.

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