EP: 067 – The War Bandanna: doing battle with yourself to master yourself with Tim Zimmermann

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A new approach we’re going to experiment with on the podcast is having some regulars that we rotate through from time to time. Up until now, it’s something that Jon has tried to avoid, in order to establish a wide variety of guests throughout the show’s early times.

But every now and then it makes sense to change things up on the podcast a little bit. So now that we’ve got The Modern Recordist established with more than 60 episodes, we think it would be fun to have a revolving door of familiar voices sprinkled about here and there.

And this all starts off with our guest this episode, artist, musician, performer, and writer, Tim Zimmermann.

Jon has worked with Tim on a couple projects – with his band Zasz, on an EP that Jon produced/recorded/mixed for them back in 2012, and now on a graphic novel project that Jon is helping in more of a consulting/advising role.

Tim first appeared on EP: 060 of The Modern Recordist. This time he’s back, with a discussion of what it takes to have consistency and get results with your creative work, tricks/habits/practices you can use to help yourself get psychologically geared up to be in the creative zone, and how doing creative work is a lot like war-that it all boils down to engaging in battle with yourself.

Make sure you pay attention to the story of Tim’s “war bandanna”

To follow up with Tim, and keep up with his graphic novel project he’s currently working on, head over to:


To check out Tim’s band, Zasz, and listen to all their music (start with the EP “The Transition”), head over to:


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About the author, Jon

Jon Stinson is the host of The Modern Recordist Podcast. A native of Nashville, TN (a rare thing these days), he has been working as a producer and audio engineer since 2004. Some of his album credits include work on the album "Only By The Night" by Kings Of Leon, and the album "The Fall," by Norah Jones.

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