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The Modern Recordist Podcast

The Modern Recordist is the podcast all about designing and living your life as an extraordinary artistic visionary. This is the show where you will find inspiring conversations, all about the craft of creating music that creates an impact in the world. Whether you are an audio engineer aiming to sharpen your mixing skills, an artist searching for deeper inspiration, a musician working to perfect your edge, or a producer who wants to make better records... No matter if you are just beginning your journey, or you have been making music for decades, The Modern Recordist podcast is a rich exploration of the vast universe that is music creation, with conversations that leave you with inspiring insights, and enrich your artistic vision.

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New Episodes Every Week

Each week, host Jon Stinson, hangs out with deeply insightful music makers across many disciplines, for an authentic and entertaining, yet insightful and thought-provoking conversation. Each episode is a fun experience that will teach you something new, and leave you with new perspectives and creative ideas.

Episodes consist of a low-key conversation, a long format interview that runs for about an hour and thirty minutes, but actually feels more like a hang out. Imagine the last time you went out for coffee with an acquaintance so that you could get to know more about them. Or the last time you met up with a good friend to get the scoop on all the latest. That’s what it feels like when listening to The Modern Recordist. And yet, the conversation is always centered around how to realize your vision of making great music that resonates.

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Jon Stinson, Host of The Modern Recordist


Jon Stinson is the host of The Modern Recordist. A Nashville native (which is a rare thing these days), he has been working in the music industry for 12 years, getting his professional start in 2005 as an assistant engineer/house engineer at the now bygone Quad Recording Studios. In 2007 Jon left Quad and began working with producer Jacquire King at his personal studio. During this time, he worked on many critically acclaimed records, both indie releases as well as major label releases.

In parallel, Jon also began working with producer and songwriter Cliff Goldmacher in an innovative remote recording operation (check out EP: 041), as the main recording engineer at one of Cliff’s personal studios.

After a brief entrepreneurial stint from 2008-2010, working in partnership with Jacquire King to produce, manage, and promote an independent rock band, Jon returned his focus once again to the studio work of recording and mixing.

Today, Jon splits his time between writing and producing music, working as a freelance recording and mixing engineer, serving as the main recording engineer at Cliff Goldmacher’s Nashville studio, and teaching both audio engineering workshops, as well as audio engineering classes at higher education schools around Nashville.