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The "About Us" (pre)Episode

The Modern Recordist was started in 2015 by host Jon Stinson. Since then, we’ve put out more than 50 episodes, had dozens of guests hang out on the show, and shared a lot of insights.

After you’ve taken a quick second to sign up to the email list (you did that, right?), a good next step is to take a listen to EP: 000, the “About Us” episode:

This is the very first (pre)episode ever of The Modern Recordist, and features current host Jon Stinson, along with some co-hosts and friends that were a regular part of early versions of the show. The episode, obviously, gives you a clue as to what this podcast is all about.

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The Most Popular Episodes

Beyond the initial “About Us” episode, you may want to check out one or all of the top three most popular episodes of The Modern Recordist to date:

EP: 001 The process of writing songs, observing the world and having experiences, and the daily life of a songwriter with Paul Sikes

The first official episode ever of The Modern Recordist, featuring guest Paul Sikes, who is a Nashville-based songwriter, musician, artist, and personal friend of Jon's. On the show they talk about methods for writing songs, where and how to get inspiration, and achieving goals, among many other things.

EP: 041-How to write 1000 songs, developing your songwriting muscle, and honing your craft with Cliff Goldmacher

A super dense episode, full of actionable insights, featuring guest Cliff Goldmacher, a songwriter, producer, author, and educator who has been making music for more than 20 years. On this episode, Cliff shares insights about what it takes to build a prolific career in the music business playing the long game.

EP: 037-Songwriting, sync licensing, figuring out what you REALLY want, and the importance of building a team with Aron Wright

Another episode featuring a heaving-hitting songwriter and artist, this episode brings on Aron Wright, a Nashville-based singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist, and producer. Aron is very focused on the world of sync licensing, and in this episode shares some stories around that key part of his career. He also shares his journey of how he figured out what he really wanted to focus on personally and professionally, and how important it is to build a team around you.

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Welcome to The Modern Recordist tribe! We’re excited to have you as a new listener, joining us on the journey of becoming an extraordinary artistic visionary.